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We specialize in providing quality and friendly insurance services to individuals and the business community. We offer insurance for business, personal auto, and homeowners. Take advantage of our insurance consultation service with your current insurance policies even if you do not have a policy with us.  We believe in having you understand what you are paying for. Calls us today to make sure you are protecting the things and ones you love!  


We offer insurance for small business owners.  Wiggins knows what it takes to be a local small business owner.  We offer clear easy to understand consultation about the products you need.  Wiggins believes you should know what your paying for. With the current economy, small buiness owners should understand how they are spending their money. 

Personal Auto

We have carriers for everyones needs. Our carriers offer, multi-policy, multi-car, good student, and various other discounts.  From individuals to families we have over 10 carriers that we can shop to find the perfect fit for your insurance needs.


If you rent or own your home, we've got a product for you.  Chester County is full of beautiful homes.  Don't let yours go uninsured or over insured.  Don't let disaster strike to find out what your policy covers.  Everyone lives a different lifestyle make sure you are insured for yours.   


Want to combine your auto and home/renters?  Packaging your insurance can save you time, money and energy.  Contact us today to get started.

Motorcycle/ATV/Boat/RV (Your true passions) 

Wiggins has a true appreciation for people with a passion.  We all have our everyday jobs that we work hard at.  A lot of you work hard and play even harder. Remember you bought it, you love it. Why not insure it?   


If you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, why would you buy insurance that you dont understand? If you have a  need for insurance or a desire to learn more, we offer excellent insurance services that can help you. Insurance consultation is perfect for anyone that may not understand their current policies. The next time you have a need for insurance services or consultation, contact us!

Contact our office today to learn more and get started.

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